Can’t I just use 3D YouTube videos while teaching the students?

Can’t I just use 3D YouTube videos while teaching the students?

Most videos on the internet are only a few minutes long, and do not contain the wide array of highly specific medical learning content that is provide by MediMagic. Each video is exclusively designed and verified by senior medical experts to explain the topic at hand. A feature that sets S3D MediMagic apart for any other venture of this nature is that all the content is peer-reviewed. Only with the approval of the review and advisory board do any lesson go to the students.

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    • Can the faculty use the content too?

      Most definitely! Our product encourages and aids the faculty to use their own teaching content such as images, presentations, videos and PDFs. The faculty can carry their content on a flash drive which can be interlinked to our black box and the ...
    • Can students view the lessons before coming to class?

      The students can access the 3D version of the videos for pre-learning, through the MediMagic app on their phone and tablets. However, they should be physically present in class to view the lessons as stereoscopic 3D videos.
    • Can these lessons be modified or made any changes too if the faculty wants an addition?

      The faculty will not have access to make any changes in the content (images, pdf, videos, etc) provided by MediMagic. However, there is feature that helps lecturers add their personal notes or presentations while teaching. Any feedback on factual ...
    • How can MediMagic provide a complete 360-degree solution to institutions?

      MediMagic is an amazing learning tool, which provides engaging videos and notes to help medical students learn better. However, MediMagic extends its features beyond teaching. It is the perfect tool for managing attendance, sharing notes, conducting ...
    • On what devices can I use MediMagic?

      he MediMagic ‘Pro’ version can be accessed both on the web and the mobile app, on the following devices: iPad, Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android phone and Android tablet. Whereas MediMagic ‘Basic’ and ‘Lite’ can only be accessed on the mobile devices. ...