What do you mean by courses?

What do you mean by courses?

MediMagic’s videos cover all the pre-clinical and para-clinical courses, like anatomy, biochemistry, forensics and more. With your ‘Basic’ MediMagic subscription plan, you get access to just 3 individual courses of your choice, per month. To get unlimited access to all videos, subscribe to the ‘Pro’ plan. Watch any  topic of your choice and happy learning.
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    • What are the educational courses where MediMagic can be used?

      MediMagic is incredibly handy in teaching a variety of both graduate and post-graduate medical subjects. Some of them are: ·         Graduate Levels: MBBS, BDS (Dental), Physiotherapy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Siddha, Unani and Nursing Courses. ...
    • What is the best plan recommended?

      While MediMagic Lite is our bestselling plan, we recommend you go for MediMagic Pro, as it has the best features. With a single subscription to the Pro plan, two users can get unlimited access to all videos (all courses), offline downloads, weekly ...
    • How do I sign-up to MediMagic?

      It’s really simple to sign-up to MediMagic. Choose your device: Android, iPhone, Windows or iPad. [Based on the option selected] Download the MediMagic App on [PlayStore/AppStore/Microsoft Store] Login to your account and access all courses for free!
    • How long does the free trial last?

      You can experience the amazing features of MediMagic for free, on a 14 day trial after your first sign up. With this free trial, you get access to all courses, video lectures and more. You will not be charged until the free trial is over. During the ...
    • What learning content is available on the platform?

      With the MediMagic subscription, you get access to all learning content on the platform, including: ·         The world’s first stereoscopic 3D medical videos ·         Over 1000+ hours, medical experts curated educational 3D animations, covering a ...