What is the best plan recommended?

What is the best plan recommended?

While MediMagic Lite is our bestselling plan, we recommend you go for MediMagic Pro, as it has the best features. With a single subscription to the Pro plan, two users can get unlimited access to all videos (all courses), offline downloads, weekly analytics, and much more. To make it more budget friendly, we recommend subscribing to the annual plan over the monthly plan.

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    • How do I purchase a MediMagic subscription?

      1.       Head to the MediMagic App 2.       Click on the 'Settings' tab 3.       Tap on "Subscription" 4.       Choose & purchase the subscription plan that best fits you 5.       Begin your MediMagic journey You can disable the auto-renewal feature ...
    • What do you mean by courses?

      MediMagic’s videos cover all the pre-clinical and para-clinical courses, like anatomy, biochemistry, forensics and more. With your ‘Basic’ MediMagic subscription plan, you get access to just 3 individual courses of your choice, per month. To get ...
    • Do I need to enter my bank details to become a free user?

      No, you may simply sign up without entering your card details. At the end of your trial, you need to pick up the plan in order to continue using our app. 
    • Is there an advantage to the annual vs. monthly subscription?

      When you purchase an annual subscription, you'll get a better price per month than you would get on purchasing month-on-month. You save almost 17-24% more compared to the monthly plan. To get the most out of this experience, choose the MediMagic Pro ...