What learning content is available on the platform?

What learning content is available on the platform?

With the MediMagic subscription, you get access to all learning content on the platform, including:

·         The world’s first stereoscopic 3D medical videos

·         Over 1000+ hours, medical experts curated educational 3D animations, covering a wide all pre-clinical, para-clinical and clinical courses.

·         High-yield clinical reasoning questions, tests and quizzes created by our in-house medical team and subject matter experts.

All course material, videos, quizzes and tests are available on the MediMagic App as well.

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    • How do I access content on the MediMagic platform?

      Gain access to over 1000+ hours of highly curated videos, covering all subjects in pre-clinical, para-clinical and clinical (coming soon) courses. These stunning videos in 3D give you the upper hand in understanding medicine. Accessing videos from ...
    • Can the faculty use the content too?

      Most definitely! Our product encourages and aids the faculty to use their own teaching content such as images, presentations, videos and PDFs. The faculty can carry their content on a flash drive which can be interlinked to our black box and the ...
    • Is the content confined to only pre-clinical and para-clinical?

      Currently, the content is ready for all pre-clinical and para-clinical subjects. However, we have started working on the Clinical subjects as well. The complete MBBS curriculum will be rolled out soon.
    • Can the faculty use their voice to teach the content?

      Yes. The instructor can mute the audio and teach the topic in their own style using the wireless mic. They can also pause the video and annotate using the annotation tool on VINPLAY
    • Can’t I just use 3D YouTube videos while teaching the students?

      Most videos on the internet are only a few minutes long, and do not contain the wide array of highly specific medical learning content that is provide by MediMagic. Each video is exclusively designed and verified by senior medical experts to explain ...