Why are these lessons in stereoscopic 3D technology only, and not in any other forms of animation technology?

Why are these lessons in stereoscopic 3D technology only, and not in any other forms of animation technology?

Medical institutions on an average have over 200 students in each classroom. When taught in traditional methods, students often face issues with viewing the content. This problem can be resolved using Vinformax’s MediMagic Stereoscopic 3D technology. All complex medical concepts can be taught effectively irrespective of where the students are seated in the classroom. Every student will be virtually equidistant from the lesson being played on the screen, irrespective to where they are seated in the classroom. Moreover, Stereoscopic 3D introduces the "Z-axis", that is, depth perception. This magnifies and elucidates anatomical parts, microscopic structures, microorganisms and bodily processes through an immersive experience. The other technologies referred to above cannot create the same impact. Hence, this unique feature is highly effective as a teaching tool and is incomparable to any 2D or ordinary 3D technology.

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    • Can students view the lessons before coming to class?

      The students can access the 3D version of the videos for pre-learning, through the MediMagic app on their phone and tablets. However, they should be physically present in class to view the lessons as stereoscopic 3D videos.
    • My lessons are freezing and won't download. What can I do?

      If you are trying to download a session and it is going slowly, freezing or stopped, or if your app is crashing try this: ·         Uninstall the MediMagic app from your device ·         Turn your device off and on ·         Connect to a strong Wi-Fi ...
    • Can these lessons be modified or made any changes too if the faculty wants an addition?

      The faculty will not have access to make any changes in the content (images, pdf, videos, etc) provided by MediMagic. However, there is feature that helps lecturers add their personal notes or presentations while teaching. Any feedback on factual ...
    • Will prolonged viewing cause any strain to the eyes?

      The duration of the lessons is generally 15 to 20 minutes long for each topic in the curriculum. We have taken the utmost care in developing the Stereoscopic 3D animations augmented by state-of-the-art delivery mechanism to assure no strain to the ...
    • What learning content is available on the platform?

      With the MediMagic subscription, you get access to all learning content on the platform, including: ·         The world’s first stereoscopic 3D medical videos ·         Over 1000+ hours, medical experts curated educational 3D animations, covering a ...